photographer, storyteller, creative director


Deby Sucha ( December 1987 ) is a photographer, visual storyteller and creative director from Jakarta, Indonesia who currently living in Tokyo, Japan.

With a self-taught photography skill she was shortlisted to some international contests and awarded for an international amateur photography contest that brought her to Japan for the first time as a grant ( 2007 ). As she continued her university life, she was actively involved in a voluntary programs with non-profit and non-governments organizations. 

She began her photography career being a photographer's assistant ( 2009 ) and worked in a lifestyle media industry as a photographer. Her enthusiasm for travel to go to somewhere new has moved her to Japan ( 2013 ) to attend a documentary photography program at Tokyo Visual Arts college.  

After graduated from Tokyo Visual Arts college, she continue working as an independent photographer for commercial, editorial, creative directions, and her personal documentary projects. 

Photography for her is a media to express something that she keen to share. But the most important part is to build a relationship with the people and the surroundings


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